Lawn Soil Conditioner

plants showing off their roots on a black soilIf you want to help your lawn look its best, looking after the root zone, where the roots of your lawn live, is one of the best investments you can make. The condition and efficiency of your lawn’s roots play a major role in the health and appearance of your lawn. Remember it is your lawn’s root system that is responsible for extracting from the soil all the nutrients that the plant needs to survive and thrive. A Lawn Soil Conditioner is a perfect treatment.

Regular application of a Lawn Soil Conditioner will feed the billions of beneficial bacteria which exist within the root zone, resulting in an increase in the microbial population. These microbes improve nutrient turnover which leads to a significant increase in root mass. An added benefit is the reduction in the effectiveness of pathogenic soil fungi which can be harmful to the health of your lawn.

If you would like to discuss the advantages of a Lawn Soil Conditioner treatment, why not take advantage of the Lawnscience lawn review service. One of our fully trained lawn care professionals will be happy to arrange a free lawn review with you, during which they will identify the issue(s) and provide you with a fully costed solution for you to consider. To take advantage of this opportunity just contact us.