Lawn Weed Control

Lawn weed with yellow flower

Lawn Weeds can be removed by digging them out by hand, but this option rarely resolves the problem as invariably a small portion of the weed plant is left in the ground, allowing it to regrow.

How to control lawn weeds?


The most effective method of lawn weed control is to apply a selective herbicide that will target the weed but leave the lawn unaffected.

There are a few selective herbicides available on the domestic market but as regulation, with regards to the safe application of herbicides, increases the more effective products are being restricted to the professional market.

All Lawnscience professionals are trained and certified to apply professional quality herbicides in a safe and effective manner. An integral part of the Lawnscience Lawn Treatment Programme is the regular monitoring of lawns for weed infestation with the appropriate herbicide being applied when necessary.

If your lawn is being ruined by weeds, why not take advantage of the Lawnscience lawn review service? One of our fully trained lawn care professionals will be happy to arrange a free lawn review with you, during which they will identify the issue(s) and provide you with a fully costed solution for you to consider. To take advantage of this opportunity just contact us.