Cofton Hackett Lawn Care

Cofton Hackett Lawn CareWe provide a lawn care service in the Cofton Hackett area whereby we visit throughout the year to apply a treatment that is correct for that time of season. In Cofton Hackett we are aware that during the autumn there’s a lot of leaves falling, due to the proximity to the hills and we allow for this in the programme. We do not offer grass cutting or other gardening work, so if you have a regular gardener we do not interfere with their weekly jobs.

We look after Cofton Hackett and other surrounding areas such as Barnt Green, Alvechurch, Lickey, Marlbrook and Hopwood. We perform an annual lawn treatment programme whereby we visit five times per year to apply a high-quality professional fertiliser, together with a lawn weed killer and soil conditioner. These three separate aspects together combine to a lush, weed-free lawn all year round.

Should your lawn require a more TLC approach we could offer a renovation process, where we kill moss with Heavy Moss Treatment, remove it out through a double pass scarification, Over-Seed the whole area, add a Light Top Dressing and a Post Scarification Treatment. All of this highly individual care works with the existing lawn, not replacing it. The results are a lawn which looks newly laid but will cost about ¼ of the price of new turf. If your lawn is in a poor condition, it really is a worthwhile option to consider. All this work comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee so that if you are not completely satisfied the next lawn treatment will be free of charge. Who else offers this?
We also offer disease management. Diseases in lawns are a surprise to many but there are four main types which are responsible for grass discoloration and spread in ever increasing circles so that eventually the whole lawn is infected. As we inspect the lawn on each visit, we can quickly spot any emerging issue and make recommendations on how to eradicate it.
One of the exciting things at Lawnscience is we listen to customer feedback. Following these feedback sessions, we also offer a range of other treatments which include Lawn Ant control, Driveway and Patio Cleaning, Wasps nest control and Winter Gutter Clearance. All of these come with our 100% guarantee and you can rest assured that a familiar face and trusted company is helping you maintain your home.
Please contact us via the website or on 01562 710 386 to arrange a free on-site survey to help you have a beautiful lawn.