Alvechurch Lawn care

Scott Harrison LawnscienceHave the recent weather extremes adversely affected your lawn like so many others and you’re not
sure what to do? Well, we can help as we provide a Lawn Care Service which means we work with your existing lawn and therefore you do not need to complete an expensive Re-turfing of the lawn to help bring it back to looking good as new!
My name is Scott Harrison and we provide a lawn care service in Alvechurch. What this entails is firstly to visit to assess the current condition and recommend what immediate and on-going actions should be taken to resolve any issue you may have and then to maintain it going forward as we all know keeping on top of things is essential to maintaining a consistent lush, weed-free looking lawn.
You may not be familiar with a professional lawn care offering. This means we only use professional products which are not available domestically and to provide a superior result in how your lawn looks and grows. The main aspects of the treatments kill lawn weeds, gives the lawn a nourishing feed to provide even growth and colour and controls moss. These three aspects are the cornerstone of lawn care however we have other cultural processes if required.
This might be to renovate your lawn by scarifying with over-seeding or completing a lawn aeration, which is completed at the most appropriate time of the year to provide the best results.
These additional processes will help your lawn in Alvechurch improve and our regular treatments will maintain the look throughout the year. It is important to note that all we require from you is to cut it regularly to ensure the lawn height is managed to achieve is the best look.
Please call me on 01562 710 386 and I will visit your lawn to create a treatment programme based
on your lawns needs.
Scott Harrison, Lawnscience Alvechurch