Belbroughton Lawn Care

Scott Harrison LawnscienceIf you live in Belbroughton and would like a beautiful lawn to be proud of, then please
contact Lawnscience, Belbroughton.
To achieve the best lawn possible, we need to do just more than cut it. Although regular cutting is the most important aspect of lawn maintenance it does not stop moss or weeds
from ingressing into the lawn, nor does it introduce nutrients to provide strong vertical growth in the spring, or great colour, or make it more robust. These aspects must be additionally applied as the natural benefits in the ground vary greatly. You can, of course, buy many off the shelf products from DIY Shops or Garden Centres, and they can improve a lawn, but there are a few difficulties with this approach. Firstly applying the correct dosage can be quite difficult as most lawns are tricky to work out the area as very few are square so this can lead to either overdosing with a product which can kill the area of lawn affected or underdosing which doesn’t make a difference! The other downside is the products are a blend of moss & weed control and a feed. This makes them not necessarily what should be applied at that particular time of the season. This does also mean that if you use half the contents in the spring, you could be tempted to put the rest down in the summer which can have adverse effects on the grass and do more harm than good.
I live in the Belbroughton area and provide a year-round lawn treatment care which is designed to provide a lush lawn, without weeds at a competitive price.
I would really like you to call me on 01562 710386 to discuss your own lawn and any issues you may have – I am sure I can help.

Scott Harrison, Lawnscience Belbroughton