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Black Dam lawn care
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Lawnscience – proudly providing quality lawn care services to Black Dam, Eastrop and Old Basing
Call me today to get the lawn you have been dreaming of! Beautiful lawns need care, attention and expertise, so why not let the professionals do the hard graft for you. Call Nigel, your local representative today, to book your FREE no-obligation lawn review.

In order to thrive, your lawn has complex needs…. not only nutrient-rich ground in which to grow long healthy roots, but also control over foreign pests, diseases and invading weeds. I am a local provider of lawn care services to the Black Dam area, and an expert in turning around even the most unhealthy-looking lawns! More information about the issues that can impact your lawn can be found on this website.

To improve the growing environment for your lawn, I can apply a number of treatments for your lawn, including:

Fertiliser and Herbicides
Scarifications with Over-seeding
Solid tine and hollow tine Aerations
Top Dressings
Soil Conditioners
Water conservers
Fungal disease eradications
Total Weed killing
Moss control

You can take one of our affordable treatment plans to meet your lawn needs, or proceed on an ad-hoc basis, so the amount of care you give your lawn is completely up to you.

Treatments can be as little as £20 so why wait, contact me today!

For a FREE no-obligation quote, for further information or free lawn advice, contact Nigel:
Telephone: 01256 213000
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