Is This The Right Business For You?

Making sure that this business opportunity is right for you is a major concern for me. I make my living by helping people like you to grow their businesses; I take a small portion of their turnover. If your turnover doesn’t grow I don’t earn, it’s as simple as that.

If the business is wrong for you I do not want you as a franchise, you will be unhappy in your work and that will come through in the service you provide to your customers. This will lead to you being unsuccessful and will potentially damage our reputation for providing a quality service to our customers.

So before I let you go down the road of buying a franchise I will try to put you off. Yes, you heard me correctly, I will try to put you off. I will tell you about the bad bits, the things that go wrong, the difficult customers, the stress of running your own business. I’ll make sure you spend time actually treating lawns either with me or one of my team. And only if you come out smiling will we proceed.