Lawn Aeration

Create a refreshed vibrant lawn with aeration

Foot traffic, lawn mowing and even rain causes compaction on your lawn. This squeezing together of the upper surface of soil reduces the ability of air, water and nutrients to penetrate through into the root zone. This has an adverse effect on the quality and visual appearance of your lawn.

There is a solution… aeration

Aeration is the process by which thousands of holes are punched into your lawns surface. The process not only creates the surface holes but also fractures the ground below, creating tiny cracks down which air, water and nutrients travel.

Aeration increases the rooting depth of the grass, increases the rate at which the soil breaks down thatch and also improves the effectiveness of fertilisation.

Aeration can be achieved using solid or hollow tines we will be happy to advise you as to which option would be most suitable for your lawn.

Aeration can be performed throughout the year, weather permitting, and it is one of the most beneficial treatments for your lawn.

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