Lawn Over-Seeding

Create a thick, even, lush lawn

Over time and for various reason lawns can become tired, thin and patchy. This situation can be improved with an over-seed of the lawn. Normally carried out after scarification, over-seeding allows you the opportunity to introduce stronger, drought resilient and more attractive seed varieties into your lawn.

Revitalise that shady lawn

Lawns in shady spots suffer from lack of colour, thinness and patches. To treat this condition “shade tolerant” seed varieties can be introduced into your lawn to improve its ability to cope with the shaded conditions.

We have a vast range of top quality lawn seed varieties and would be happy to advise you as to the most appropriate seed for your lawn.

Achieve rapid results with Headstart coated seeds

All our lawn seeds are treated with Headstart, a non-toxic, organically derived coating designed to stimulate germination. This coating is not normally available on seeds on sale to the general public. Headstart ensures a rapid and even establishment of the new growth.

If you would like further details please contact us.