Lawn Scarification

Achieve that lush, golf green look, with scarification.

Over time lawns become choked with thatch, this layer of dead and decaying organic matter lies on the top of the root zone. This impedes the penetration of water and nutrient to the lawns roots thus stunting their growth. This results in weak growth and leads to pale, thin lawns.

Scarification is the process of removing thatch from the surface of the lawn. The process is carried out with a mechanical scarifier which consists of a rotating horizontal shaft of blades which penetrate the top surface of the lawn removing the thatch. As well as removing thatch, scarification also provides an element of aeration, improving drainage and disease tolerance, and will also reduce sponginess in the lawn.

After scarification we rake the thatch out of your lawn and bag it for your disposal.

Scarification should only be carried out when grass is actively growing in order that it can recover from this rigorous process. In a perfect world, lawns should be scarified annually either in spring or autumn.

Scarification provides a great opportunity to invigorate your lawn, we can also over-seed your lawn after scarification which will promote quicker recovery and thicken up the lawn.

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