Lawnscience Franchising Questions & Answers

Starting my own business is a little daunting, can I take the process at my own speed?

Definitely, I’ve been there myself and I took my own time, it’s a big decision to make, and I only want you to commit when you are completely satisfied that it’s the right decision for you.

What is the cost of setting up and opening the business?

There are several ways in which the costs can be structured; I will discuss these options with you after we have agreed the size of your territory and your opening timings. In order to minimize your costs I recommend that you only purchase equipment as it becomes necessary throughout the first year. But to give you some idea of cost it would cost approximately £18,000 to set up a Franchise.

How much working capital do I need to run the business?

All businesses need to manage cash flow, most of your customers will pay their invoices in 2-3 weeks but it is important to have an element of working capital we recommend £2–3,000

How will I create my business plan when I do not yet understand the business?

Creating your business plan is essential and I understand this can be daunting at first. I will provide all the information you need and work through the projections with you.

What training can I expect to receive?

Training is crucial to you running a successful business and my commitment to you is to train you until you and I are satisfied that you have all the knowledge and skills you will require. Initially you will spend three to three weeks at my offices where you will cover all the technical aspects of assessing and treating lawns both theoretical and practical. I will also cover our sales and marketing methods to enable you to quickly establish your business. My operational software training will normally be undertaken at your property in order that we can ensure that your PC system is set up correctly. Having started your business I will train you each season on the specific treatments and potential problems you may face when treating lawns as well as understanding the additional revenue opportunities that are available throughout the year.

Are there any additional costs involved in training?

Your franchise fee covers all our costs but you may need to pay subsistence costs whilst training if you cannot travel on a daily basis.

When I purchase my right to a territory can anyone else trade in that territory?

No, your territory will consist of specific post codes and no other Lawnscience franchise may actively market for customers in this area.

Will I have any say in the territory I receive or will you just allocate me a territory?

One of the great advantages of joining a smaller, growing franchise is your ability to have an input into the selection of your territory. I will work with you to agree your territory.

Will I have to buy all my equipment on day one?

Unlike most of our competitors I make no money out of you purchasing equipment so I will encourage you not to purchase equipment until it is needed. If you purchase equipment early, its just your hard earned cash sitting around doing nothing.

Do I have to be VAT registered from day one?


What ongoing support do you provide?

Starting a new business is a trying exercise and I am committed to hold your hand through this testing time. Basically you get all the help and support you need, whether it be onsite, on lawn with customer or additional classroom theory. I also visit you on a regular basis and provide seasonal training four times per annum. Also you have access to my 24 hour, 365 days per year support line.

Who is a typical Lawnscience customer?

Initially you might think our customers will all have large country houses with matching lawns, you could not be more wrong our customers are normal everyday working people who either do not have the time to manage their own lawns or appreciate our expertise and service. Oh, but we do also have some customers with large country houses and matching lawns as well and we really do appreciate them.

What are the renewal terms of the agreement?

The initial franchise lasts for five years and unlike most lawn treatment franchise agreements can be renew indefinitely, a really valuable benefit.

Can I talk with your current franchisees?

Not only can you, but I will also encourage you to do so. In order to make the decision to join our business I want you to be as knowledgeable as possible before you make a commitment.