Organic Lawn Treatments

Get a lush green lawn organically

Whilst our standard lawn treatments are totally safe, an increasing number of our customers prefer to follow an organic regime when fertilising their gardens, we therefore have available a 100% organic lawn fertilisation program which would follow a similar timetable to our standard lawn treatments.

Our organic fertilisers are composed of a mix of organic and mineral nutrients, which provide your grass with its entire nutrient requirement whilst at the same time stimulating soil life.

The organic range provides a naturally slow release source of nutrients that ensure an even growth without growth peaks; they also help to increase the CEC (cation exchange capacity) of the soil, therefore increasing the efficiency of the nutrient applications both now and in the future.

The organic content of these treatments is 100% derived from plant material and is therefore guaranteed free from disease (BSE, Bird Flu), weeds or other contamination.

Organically managed lawns benefit from additional cultural controls, after assessing your lawn we will discuss these with you.

If you would like further details please contact us.