Training & Support

The key to developing a successful franchised business is the training and support that your Franchisor provides, and that is why I take this very seriously.

The training is relatively simple, in theory. There is a list of subjects and issues you need to master and as long as these are understood by your franchisor and an effective training course developed you should end up at the end of it knowing the basic facts and issues involved in running your franchise.

We provide a structured personal training plan that consists of “classroom” and “on the job” training. We cover the subjects required at a comfortable pace and if you don’t get it we do it again and again until you do. We want you to be knowledgeable and confident when you start your business.

But it’s in the support where the difference really matters.

In theory you have been taught all you need to know but it is when it comes to putting it into practise that’s when you really learn and that’s when you really need support.

I take the support aspect very seriously; as well as regular reviews we provide top up training throughout the year. We are happy to work with you both in acquiring new customers and in servicing them, and if you have specific issues on lawns we visit them with you to provide our years of experience where you need it “with you on the lawn in front of the customer”.

As well you get 24 hour 7 days a week access to me, yes I mean it, ring anytime, if you have a problem with your business you will have my mobile and home numbers. So if your software develops a hitch at 10.30 when you are preparing tomorrow’s treatment plan you will not be alone.

This area of support is crucial to you growing your business successfully that is why I make a personal commitment to you.