What Do We Do?

We help our customers to improve their lawns and maintain them on a regular basis by providing them with a full range of lawn treatments, everything you would expect for a top class golf club.

Over 99% of our customers receive a regular treatment of weed control and fertilisation, these treatments are provided throughout the year and customers can receive from one to five treatments per annum. In addition to these standard recurring treatments we provide the widest range of additional lawn treatments in the UK lawn care market. These additional treatments provide our customers with the opportunity to correct poor soil conditions and protect their lawns from future problems.

We pride ourselves on our proactive approach to lawn management, every time we treat a lawn a careful assessment is made of its condition with recommendations being made to the customer if additional treatments are required. We only recommend treatments which will either improve the lawn or prevent future issues occurring and this policy helps us to build trust with our customers.

There are several lawn treatment companies operating in the UK we know that our proactive management of lawns sets us aside from our competitors and also improves our customer annual spend.

We never recommend a treatment which is not appropriate to a lawn, it just isn’t worth our reputation and our customers appreciate our honesty.

A normal day providing treatments would start normally around 08.00 and would consist of driving one of our liveried vans to a prearranged appointment where we would apply the treatment and make the lawn assessment. Having finished we would drive to the next lawn and so on. As the business will be yours it is up to you to manage the hours you work.