What is Franchising?

Simply put franchising is an effective way of starting a business using a tried and tested, successful formulae.

Each year thousands of start-up businesses fail, the reasons are many. In fact when you think about it, it is amazing that any succeed. A new business has to develop its service, buy its products, attract new customers, sell its service, provide the service, collect the payment and juggle a host of administrative balls. And all that combined with the pressure of having to make a profit and provide a living wage.

Buying a good franchise just helps to stack the odds in your favour, you are paying for somebody else’s experience. When I established my business I wasted a fortune, yes I did buy the wrong equipment, yes I did do the wrong marketing, yes I did get my treatments wrong. In essence I made the mistakes that everyone has to make to learn their trade. Think of buying a franchise as minimising the risk factor.