Worms & Soil Compaction


Worms are helpful in soil, they aerate the soil and improve the nutrient content; however when they surface, normally in late autumn or winter they leave “casts” on the surface. If not dealt with these casts can kill off the grass underneath them and leave a perfect target area for weed ingress. Treatments can be applied to lawns to deter worms from surfacing whilst allowing them to carry on doing their good work within the soil structure.

We would be happy to apply this treatment to your lawn if you require.

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Soil Compaction

Over time lawns become compacted. This squeezing together of the soil particles can occur as a result of general foot traffic and even rainfall. Because the soil particles are pressed close together the penetration of air and water into the soil is reduced thus depriving the roots of the lawn with essential elements.

Soil compaction can be alleviated by regular aeration of which there are several different types, hollow tine and solid tine to name two. Compacted lawns look tired and lifeless if you feel your lawn is compacted we will be happy to test it and if so recommend the appropriate treatment.

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