Lawnscience Cookie and Privacy Policy


Like most websites, the Lawnscience website uses cookies to help provide a better experience for our visitors. There are two kinds of cookies used on the Lawnscience website: cookies that we set ourselves and those that are set by an analytics service that we use to find out how many people are visiting the Lawnscience website.

Our cookies

We only use one cookie on the Lawnscience website, which is used to save your choice of region so that we can provide you with the contact details and information about your local Lawnscience office. This doesn’t save any personal information about you and helps you to know who is the best person to contact about our services.

Other cookies

Like many other websites, we use Google Analytics to measure visitors to our site.This service sets cookies that anonymously track visits to our site. this information is aggregated for us in reports. Google provides detailed information about the cookies used by the Google Analytics service including what information is collected, how long it kept and how it is used..


Lawnscience and its franchisees take the issue of personal information very seriously we will collect and use your information as follows:-

Personal information collected

The information collected from potential customers will be limited to, name, address, telephone numbers and email address.

Usage of information

Information collected will be used to contact potential customers by mail, telephone and email, in order that we may communicate information about the services which we think may be of interest.

Transfer of information to third parties

We will not transfer any information collected to third parties without our customers express permission.

Modification or deletion of information

Customers may modify or request deletion of information from our records byemailing

Opting out of future communications

Customers may opt out of future communications by contacting

If customers feel any information we hold is inaccurate they should contact our information officer at our registered address or emailing

Registered Office

Lawnscience Ltd
3 Stratford Road
Milton Keynes
MK17 0ES

Lawnscience is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office which regulates personal information help by companies.