Aeration And Top Dressing – How To Achieve A Stronger, More Healthy Lawn This Summer

As the year progresses lawns commonly develop a layer of thatch which can be both on the surface and below surface. This can prohibit the development of the grass by reducing the amount of water,air and nutrients that the soil is receiving.

Aeration is a process which removes small plugs between 2 and 4 cm from the soil.
This creates thousands of tiny channels into the lawn and therefore allows the essential nutrients to circulate. Water helps promote the well being of soil mirco-organisms which in turn naturally break down thatch.

Without aeration. Grass roots will experience a build up of carbon dioxide which will restrict root growth and limit the intake of water and nutrients.

Top dressing encourages new plant growth and serves to protect the lawn from general wear and tear. It will also help break down thatch and will further improve drainage. Once applied, it can give the lawn a more even look, smoothing out any minor furrows.

Preparation of the lawn for top dressing could not be simpler. Before the top dressing is applied, the lawn should be freshly mowed. It will be applied evenly and worked into the entire lawn area. When the process is completed, you will not see any visible signs, however the lawn should appear smoother. The top dressing will be worked into the grass surface so that the grass plants are not smothered. The lawn will then require a thorough watering and the application will be complete.

Both aeration and top dressing are highly successful processes which can be easily become part of your lawncare program. Please contact us and will be more than happy to advise you or book an appointment for the treatments to be carried out.