Garden Pests – The Chafer Grub

A combination of chafer grubs and the larger animals such as birds, badgers and foxes that feed on them can quickly turn a neat lawn into something that resembles a ploughed field.

Chafer grubs are the larvae of soil-dwelling larvae of chafer beetles. They live in the soil feeding on plant roots causing lawns to become yellowish in colour.

They have white bodies which curve into a C shape and can be about 3/4 inch in length. Poorly maintained lawns are more susceptible to damage, so attention paid to feeding, watering and moss prevention will help avoid damaging infestations.

The best time for treatment is in June to July, when the more vulnerable young larvae are present. If you would like advice about the presence of Chafer Grubs and any other garden pests in your lawns, please contact your local Lawnscience Office and we will be happy to visit you and advise you if any treatment is necessary.