Predators in your lawn – the Chafer Grub

Many lawns are currently suffering from the effects of birds pecking at the surface, what are they after? – Chafers.

Chafer grubs are the soil-dwelling larvae of chafer beetles. They are about ¾ inch in length, and have a white body which curves into a “C” shape as they grow, and a distinctive red head. They live in the soil feeding on plant roots which can cause severe damage to lawns, so severe that it can mean the lawn has to be totally replaced. At this time of year your lawn can easily be susceptible, and from the phone calls we are receiving it seems like 2010 will be a bumper year for the Chafer grub.

If you would like your lawn assessed for the presence of chafer grub, or you are already seeing signs of an infestation, please contact us and we will arrange for one of our Technicians to visit you and assess your lawn as soon as possible.