Sizzling Spring

April 2011 has been the warmest since 1910 and rain has been scarce particularly in the south east of the country. These conditions can cause severe problems for lawns due to the heat and lack of moisture, so if you are wanting that perfect lawn for Summer now is the time to start to help your grass through this difficult period.

First thing to do is to water your lawn. The best time to do this is early in the morning before the sun gets high in the sky, as this is the time when evaporation will be low and the water applied will have the greatest benefit to the lawn.

Your watering strategy will depend on your soil type:-

Clay soils are best being watered heavily and then left for a day or so, this encourages the grass roots to develop. Sandy soils will need more regular watering as the water applied will leach through the soil.

Second, raise your mower blades up to 2 inches, cutting your lawn higher will reduce the stress on the plant which will already be stressed due to the heat and lack of moisture.

Lawnscience can help your lawn to cope in these demanding conditions with a application of a wetting agent. This chemical helps to break down the waxy coating which forms on soil particles during very dry periods, enabling the soil to more effectively utilise the water it receives. If you would like a quotation for a wetting agent application or more guidance on helping you lawn survive in these trying times please call your local branch.