Where has all the rain gone?

This year has certainly been a funny one for weather, but the current warm weather is providing the perfect climate for over-seeding your lawn to thicken it up for the spring.
HOWEVER be careful, if you have had seed applied in the last 3 weeks, or intend to apply lawn seed soon please ensure that the seed is adequately watered for at least two weeks or else you will not get germination.
Water twice daily, first thing in the morning, and in the evening for about 10-15 minutes each time ensuring puddles do not form on the surface, if they do stop watering.

A perfect sprinkler is the “Hozelock AQUASTORM sprinkler”, which can be purchased from the Lawnscience on-line shop, just type in the reference 2976 in the garden tools and equipment section to order.

If you need further advise just call your local Lawnscience Lawn Expert.

Happy seeding!