Worms, moles and your lawn

This years strange weather has created a bumper crop of worms in UK gardens.

Worms do a lot a good work for your garden and lawn, they aerate the soil, improve soil condition and help to break down organic matter, converting it into humus.

But they can be the cause of major issues such as casting and mole infestation.

When worms surface on lawns they leave “casts” which , over time, break down and create soil “pats” on the lawn’s surface which are perfect places for weeds to develop.

Worms are also the food for moles, which can devastate a lawn, so controlling the worms population can reduce moles infestation. We expect a bumper worm population in 2011.

If you would like to know how you can control your worm population in your lawn, just call your local Lawnscience office for advice.