Preparing your lawn for winter

What a really strange year we are having, driest spring on record, no summer to talk of and then a very mild Autumn…..makes you think what kind of Winter we will have….for my money it will be freezing, but I’m normally wrong so we will have to wait and see. This update is meant to remind you of some of the things you really need to do now so your lawn will be in good shape for next Spring, OK so lets dig in!

Care of lawn over winter

During the colder months of late Autumn and winter the growth pattern of your lawn will change. The “top” growth, the green bit you can see, will reduce dramatically but the roots will continue to develop in the soil. You will not need to cut your lawn on a regular basis, you might even have performed your last cut of the year, but do keep and eye on your lawn, if it continues to grow give it a high cut, leaving at least 2 inches of leaf. Its important to leave a lot of leaf in order that the grass can soak up as much of the reduced sunlight as possible.

Leaves are in full fall at present so try to keep them off the lawns surface as much as possible, if you leave them too long they will dramatically reduce the sunlight getting to your grass and this can result in the grass beneath the leaves turning yellow or even dying. Lying leaves also encourage surface worm activity which can result in worm casting on the surface. If worm casting becomes an issue Lawnscience can apply a worm suppressant please call or email for details.

Now is the perfect time to send your lawnmower for its annual service, most lawn servicing companies will give you a discount if you get it in before Christmas so if you have not been offered one, ask for one. ensure that when the mower is serviced the blades are replaced or sharpened, I know it sounds obvious but not all companies do this with a service so its worth asking to make sure.


Aeration is one of the most beneficial treatments you can apply to your lawn at this time of year, because what happens within the soil is just as important as what happens on your lawn’s surface. Quality lawns are maintained by having a healthy “root zone” and that means having air, water and nutrients within the top 6-8 inches of the soil under the lawn’s surface.The problem is the “root zone” can become compacted quite quickly and this process of compaction removes the passages within the soil that allow air, water and nutrients to travel, denying the grass roots these much needed elements.During the process of aeration thousands of holes are punched into your lawn’s surface, allowing air, water and nutrients to penetrate into the “root zone”, which in turn will help your lawn to thicken and flourish.

Lawnscience provides two types of aeration:-

Solid tine aeration uses a tine that does not remove any cores but will still allows air, water, and nutrients to move throughout the soil profile. Because no soil cores are removed the disturbance to the turf surface is minimal therefore minimising turf stress.

Hollow tine aeration will create a slightly larger hole and will also remove cores that are then raked up, bagged and left for customer disposal.Hollow core aeration is particularly beneficial to lawns that are heavily compacted. This treatment might be followed up with a light top dress if required. If you would like to discuss aeration options please call or email for details.

Leatherjackets and how they can wreck your lawn

At this time of year Leather jackets (crane fly larvae) can be a massive problem to lawns.
Leatherjackets eat the roots of your grass killing large areas in very little time, resulting in extensive repair work being required in the following spring.

A preventative treatment can be applied to stop these pests from destroying your lawn. For information please call or email for details.

If you suspect you have these pests you will notice at first a keen interest from birds pecking at the grass in specific areas. These areas will quickly develop into bare patches, rapidly getting bigger and bigger. The grass around these patches will lift easily with no resistance at all as the roots will have been eaten away . At this stage the damage is already done so it’s better to apply a preventative treatment before it’s too late.


You’ve probably not realised it yet but its only 6 weeks to Christmas, so if you’re stuck for a Christmas present you can always buy your loved ones a series of lawn treatments or just a “one off” spring treatment to get their lawn in shape for next spring, please call or email for details.