5 Jobs to Do In The Garden In December

With winter in full-swing, it’s time to start expecting rain, frosts and shorter days. You may think that it’s all been about preparing for the winter and that it’s a case of the garden sitting this cold season out, but there’s still plenty to be getting on with the keep your patch in tip-top condition. Here are our 5 jobs to do in the garden in December.

1. If you hadn’t already noticed, or indeed had tried to push it to the back of your mind, then it’s time to remember Christmas is coming up. To make sure all those Christmas wreaths and decorations are full of berries, cover parts of your evergreen trees with netting to prevent birds from eating them all.

2. Leaves will still be falling, so ensure you keep on top of the fallen leaves by raking them up and removing any other damaged or deceased materials. Important areas to keep clear of a leafy covering are grassy lawns and ponds to prevent grass roots and pond wildlife from dying. Don’t compost all the leaves, though; try and leave a pile of leaves and wood somewhere to provide an ideal habitat for hibernating insects and animals. On this note, always take extra care when tidying the garden to make sure you’re not disturbing hibernating critters.

3. The winter is a hard time for birds to make sure you keep the bird-bath full of fresh (ice-free) water and the bird-feeders stocked with seeds and bread.

4. If you have a greenhouse, the make sure it is insulated. This can be as simple as lining the sides with bubble-wrap which is a cheap but effective way of preventing the inside from freezing. Just make sure to keep the greenhouse well ventilated by opening the doors on sunny days to prevent the spread of damping off.

5. December is the best month to get pruning, so spend some time cutting back your trees (especially maples and birches) vines, shrubs and fruit trees. If you haven’t done already, then cut back rose bushes to prevent breakage from winds.

Don’t forget, now is a great time to get your lawn back in shape for next year – give us a call on freephone 0800 389 2066 and we’ll be happy to come and look at it for you!