Free Soil Conditioner

Get your lawn off to a healthy start with our FREE soil conditioner, applied with your first treatment.

A great looking lawn is all about strong, healthy roots and there is no better way to start your lawn treatment program than with a “root boosting” soil conditioner.

Our soil conditioners have been developed by probably the world’s leading manufacturer of seaweed extracts and are used on some of the Uk’s premier sports grounds.

Once applied our soil conditioners stimulate your lawns development without producing fast growth, which can be detremental to your lawns health. They also work on your lawns root system to produce growth and encourage tillering, the production of multiple stems which thickens your lawn.

As well as aiding growth they also boost the natural health of the turf and reduce the threat of disease.

To book your first treatment and claim your FREE soil conditioner please contact-us or call Terry on 01908 504664 / 07748 358009