Gardening help – Starter Kits for Gardeners

For any aspiring gardener, there are always a few basic pieces of gardening
equipment to help get you started. Helping to make life in the garden easier and
more enjoyable, we have come up with some basic starter kits to help develop any
type of garden.

Herb Garden
One of the easiest ways to get involved with gardening is to start with a small herb
garden. For this you will need herb grow bags/trays/pots and compost, herb seeds,
trowel, fork, garden dribble and gardening gloves. Also ideal for first-time herb
growers there are herb labels/markers for easy identification and herb scissors for
precision cutting.

The Perfect Lawn
The key to creating a perfect lawn is to use a good fertiliser, organic if possible. A
fertilizer spreader will be useful for those with a big garden. Otherwise, keep the
grass looking neat and at its best with a lawn-mower. It’s worth talking to a garden
specialist at a garden or DIY store who can help establish which type would be most
suitable for your garden. Maybe you could speak to us about getting your lawn into tip top condition?

Blooming Marvellous
For many, adding a touch of colour is all they are after. There are many practical
gardening accessories but to start you will need hanging baskets, growing-on trays
and pots, secateurs, a watering can, trowel, fork and a set of gardening gloves.
Once you have planted or seeded up, then it’s worth thinking about getting an apron,
gardening string, garden kneeler and a thermometer to help maintain the flower pots
or beds.

Home Grown Grub
You don’t need a large plot of land to grow your own vegetables; a 4ft square raised
patch is ideal to get started. To grow and maintain your selected veggies, invest
in some good quality accessories including a fork, trowel, rake, hoe, secateurs,
watering can, rubber boots and gardening gloves. If you fancy starting growing in
pots or containers instead, then there are some small and cheap greenhouses to
help you experiment before transferring to the ground.

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