Time to Spring Clean Your Greenhouse!

Your greenhouse is a haven for plants during the winter, providing a warm
environment free from the harsh elements outside. However, it’s not just your plants
that love the safety of the greenhouse, but insects and pests, too. To help keep your
greenhouse pest-free, it’s important to give it a good old fashioned spring clean;
here’s how.

The first step is to remove everything from the greenhouse. Bugs can get
everywhere; under bricks/logs/pots, inside stacked trays etc. By removing everything
first, you can make sure all bugs are removed before moving everything back in

The next step is to give the glass a good clean, both inside and out. Because there
are fewer hours in the day during the winter and the sun at this time of year tends to
be much weaker, it is important to make sure your plants are getting as much light
as possible. Clean the windows with a suitable window cleaner (garden centres can
recommend the most suitable dependent on what you are growing) ensuring any
grime or algae is wiped off. Take the time to clean right up to the window and door
frames where bacteria can lurk.

While everything is still outside (this just makes it easier) clean all the pots and trays,
removing all traces of soil and dirt. Also tend to the plants, taking the time to remove
and burn any dead or diseased leaves, soil or whole plants that could contaminate.
You may find that it’s time to replenish or change some of the plants’ soil.

Before moving everything back inside, like the windows clean all the surfaces,
allowing them to fully dry before bringing everything back in. The best time to clean
is on a mild day when plants can be left outside without getting damaged by freezing
conditions. However, if you can, remove the plants into another greenhouse or
shed and let the greenhouse ventilate over a few icy days; this can help sterilize the

If there are any broken or cracked glass panels, try and replace them, otherwise
you’re ready for the next growing season.