Gardening help – 5 Things You Need to Know About Roses

1. Despite their romantic connotations and delicate appearance, roses are actually
quite tolerant flowers and therefore require low maintenance. Roses can grow in
pretty much any type of soil as long as it is well-drained and because there are many
different types of roses, they can be kept almost anywhere in the garden as long as it
is exposed to plenty of sun.

2. Roses are deep rooted plants and can therefore survive on the naturally
occurring moisture in the soil without the need for regular watering. However, there
are exceptions to this; newly planted roses may need watering for a couple of
years whilst their roots grow and roses in warmer climates may need watering to
compensate for drier soil.

3. As the name suggests, climbing roses will require support to help them grow. A
north-facing wall or fence is ideal, with the rose planted about 12-18inches away
from it to allow for circulation and because soil near to a wall or fence is usually drier.
Horizontal wire supports are also useful to help younger climbing roses to grow.

4. Although we have mentioned roses do not usually require excess watering, they
do on the other hand respond well to generous feeding. Rose or general-purpose
fertilizer helps to replace the nutrients lost during pruning and should therefore be
applied at the time of pruning. Mulch made from organic matter such as manure or
green waste should also be added just after fertilizer, placed on the soil a few inches
from the stem to stop the bark from rotting.

5. Knowing when and how to prune your roses will ensure they remain strong and
healthy. As a general rule, however, no rose plant should be pruned within its first
2 years, after which the best time in during the dormant season between autumn
and early spring. Any pruning should be carried out using a clean and sharp pair of
secateurs whilst wearing thick gloves for protection against sharp thorns.

More gardening tips coming soon!