Easy Herbs for Your Garden

People choose to grow herbs in their gardens for many reasons, from chefs wanting
the freshest ingredients to cook with to urban house owners who don’t have a large
amount of space but want to encourage wildlife into the garden.

Growing herbs in the garden is easy. Although they all have different growing
condition requirements, the majority of herbs can be grown together in the same bed
as long as their soil and shelter is adapted to their individual requirements. Some
herbs can be grouped together, e.g. lavender, rosemary and thyme all prefer drier
soil in lots of sun whereas chives, mint and fennel need the sun but a much moister

Here’s how to grow some easy herbs in your garden:

Basil – Buy potted and keep in the sunniest place possible (e.g. the patio or
greenhouse). Water sparingly.

Rosemary – Grow in a sunny but well-sheltered spot in well-drained soil (add
grit if in a container) and don’t over-water.

Coriander – Sow in well-drained soil either into pots or directly into the
ground, keep in a sunny place and water sparingly.

Lavender – Although a hardy herb, lavender thrives most in warm, fertile soil
in a direct sun. They require little or no watering apart from in its first season.

Parsley – During the summer keep the potted or planted parsley in damp soil,
partially shaded from the sun. Move into a greenhouse during the winter.

Bay – Ideal container plants, bay thrives in both shaded and sunny spots. Keep out of cold winds though, and make sure the soil isn’t kept too damp.

Chives – Grow in pots and water well. Keep in a fairly sunny spot.

Sage – Mix a well-drained fertile soil with grit for this herb, whether in the
garden or in a container. Keep in a sunny spot.

Mint – Grow in containers in moist soil, keep in light sun or the shade and
feed with a weak liquid fertilizer.