5 Indoor Plants for the Winter

The winter months may seem all doom and gloom, but there’s an easy way to bring
life and colour into your home over this period. We take a look at some obvious and
not-so-obvious houseplants to bring indoors this season.

The most obvious of them all, this usually strictly festive plant thrives inside during
the winter. The poinsettia is a favourite because it’s such an easy plant to keep
(infrequent watering and away from direct heat are the only major concerns) and the
bright red colour is a great way to bring a flash of colour into the home. During the
summer months your poinsettia can be placed outside in a relatively shaded area,
and as long as it’s correctly cut-back during spring, you’re likely to have it flowering
again in time for Christmas.

This exotic and colourful plant is another favourite indoor plant during the winter.
However, to ensure the plant lasts, it’s important to re-pot shop bought orchids to
allow the packed-in roots to breathe. During the winter the orchid needs to be kept
warm (not next to direct heat) and benefits from a few hours of mid-morning sun
through a window. Water once a month (but feel free to spritz with water every few
days to keep it hydrated) but don’t use fertiliser at all.

Although gardeners tend to use these as bedding plants during the winter, these
small but bold flowers can be brought inside, too. They love humidity and the warmth
so, if possible, place on a south-facing window ledge. Water regularly (leave soil to
dry out between watering, though) and keep hydrated by misting with water; this will
also prevent the flower from collapsing.

You can get a good six week’s worth of flowering from indoor azaleas during the
winter, as long as they are deadheaded regularly. They like cooler rooms so make
sure they are kept out of the house’s warmest rooms and especially away from
radiators and fires. Water sparingly (rainwater is best) and then enjoy the pink and
purple colour of the flowers.