Improve the condition of your lawn with scarification

Why will scarification be benificial to my lawn?

Scarification removes thatch from the lawn’s surface allowing water, nutrients and air to penetrate into the “root zone”. Thatch is a layer of organic matter that covers the surface of the soil. Too much thatch can choke a lawn and stop it from growing healthily and evenly. By scarifying your lawn you will allow more nutrients to reach the root zone.

By removing the thatch you might be left with thin or bald areas, over-seeding injects new seed creating a lusher, thicker lawn. Once you lawn has been seeded it is vital that the lawn is watered regularly for up to the next three weeks and all traffic is kept to a bare minimum. (Please note that we recommend scarification and seeding is only carried out at certain times of the year.)

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“I was about to tear up my lawn and completely re-turf it due to the invasion of weeds, moss and other nasties….your treatment started to show it’s effects after just days.”

Mr Gabb

“I Have been using Lawnscience for nearly a year now and it has transformed my lawn 100%. I had been using another well known lawn treatment company previously but they had failed to get all the weeds and moss out of my lawn. Lawnscience have restored my lawn to a perfect green haven. The service provided by Lawnscience is professional and yet personnal and each treatment is planned for your own personnal circumstances. I can highly recommend this service to anyone who wants a perfect lawn.”

Mr John

“After you gave it your first treatment it looked as if nothing was going to happen, then suddenly it all started to grow, we now have the most amazing, thick grass… for the first time in 20 years.”

Mrs Osbourne