Things to do in your garden in May

The mix of rising temperatures and rainfall mean that your garden will see a surge
in growth and development this month. With little amount of frost, now is the time to
start planting up for the summer, but do not forget our following maintenance tips,

Plant summer bedding plants
During the last week of May is a great time to start planting those summer bedding
plants that you have bought from the garden centre. Clear your spring plants to
make room for the new, run a fork through the soil to loosen up and add some
fertilizer. Water flowers in their current pot an hour before planting, or if you have
grown them from seed in your greenhouse, harden them off before planting. Colder,
northern areas should leave planting their summer plants until right at the end of the
month when the last frosts will have been.

Attend your vegetable patch
Now is the time to plant your pumpkin seeds ready for Halloween (ideally start in
pots for a couple of weeks then once roots are showing, plant in garden). Your
tomato plant seedlings too can be moved outside. You should also ‘earth up’ your
potatoes by running a fork/rake along both sides of the young plants as this will help
them to grow. You can also now plant salad leaves.

Keep on top of your greens!
You need to start mowing your lawn (weekly ideally), trimming your lawn borders
fortnightly and regularly hoeing off weeds. Make sure that if you are tending to trees
and bushes that you check for nesting birds before clipping away.

Protect your greenhouse
On warm days, remember to open the windows/doors/vents to your greenhouse to
prevent it from overheating. When the days become brighter, shade you greenhouse
to ensure that your plants do not get scorched by the heat.