5 plug plant flowers to brighten up your garden

If you have yet to start adding to your garden for the summer, then maybe you have
thought about plug plants. Like the name suggests, plug plants are semi-developed
plants that can be slotted into your garden, adding colour and foliage much quicker
than growing flowers from seed.

But which are the best plug plants for brightening up your garden this summer?

Fuchsias not only come in an array of colours all of which are bright and cheery, but
they are also hardy flowers which can last right through until autumn. They can be
planted in beddings and borders as well as amongst roses, perennials and shrubs,
and they get more impressive every year.

Giant geraniums
If you want to give your bedding some real impact, then look no further than giant
geraniums. A colour explosion, these giant flower heads come in variety of shades
and colours and can be kept both indoors and out. Because of their size, they too
are hardy and can withstand poor weather; perfect for Great British summers!

Lavender munstead
These mini plugs are a great and easy way to introduce lavender to your garden.
Their soft blue flowers perched on top of slender green stems help give your garden
that English country cottage look, and their aromatic fragrance is unmistakably
British, too. With this year’s summer of celebration, these lavender plugs are a lovely
way to join in.

Aster starlight
This unusual yet undeniably attractive plug plants add instant colour and variety to
your garden. Their spider-like blooms literally burst with colours of blue, pink, scarlet
and purple and their long-lasting flower makes them ideal for use in borders or pots.

Lupin tutti frutti
There are various tall flowers you could consider (including delphiniums and sweet
peas) but the most striking of them all are the lupin tutti frutti plug plants. These
vibrant spires come in various colour combinations including pink and purple, pink
and orange and purple and yellow helping them to literally stand out above the rest.