Autumn renovation

2012 has been a bit if a tricky year with regards to the weather and our gardens. In particular our lawns have suffered as a result of extensive rain.

This has caused two main problems:-

  • Ant infestation
    The high water content in lawns has encouraged ant activity resulting in unsightly mounds on many lawns.
  • Red Thread
    Again the high humidity in out lawns has resulted in a virtual epidemic of Red Thread. This fungal disease can leave unsightly straw coloured patches on lawns.

But not to worry Autumn is the perfect time to carry out lawn renovation. One of the best ways to revitalise a lawn is to Scarify, over-seed and top dress in the Autumn.

If you would like to discuss your lawn and the options to improve it during Autumn please call your local technician or our free phone number 0800 389 2066 and we’d be happy to discuss the options available.