Autumn lawn care, cut lawns high

Autumn is the perfect time to work on your lawn repairing any damage aquired in the summer months and preparing the lawn for coming winter and next spring.

But first, before you do anything, raise your lawn mower cutting height to about 2 inches. The reason this is very important is that your lawn requires light to create food for root development and growth. Food is produced within the grass plant by a process called photosynthesis. Light is received into the plant via the leaf and trapped by the Chloroplasts within the leaf. This light energy is then combined with carbon dioxide, which has entered the leaf via the Stomata, and converted into simple sugars which feed the root system. At this time of year as the day shortens less light is available and therefore the plant leaf needs to be a little longer so it can trap more of the reducing light.

In the following blogs I will be providing advice on:-

  • Fertilisation
  • Scarification
  • Over-seeding
  • Top dressing