How to repair a mossy lawn

Spring is almost here again and the annual problem of moss in our lawns is back. This year will be worse than ever because of 2012 being the wettest year on record.
There are literally thousands of different species of moss and they all rely upon water for reproduction, so when we have a wet year, moss flourishes.
The best way to keep moss out of your lawn is to make sure you have a thick, healthy lawn, and the best way to ensure your lawn is thick and healthy is by regular scarification and over-seeding. This process ensures that there is little or no space available in the lawn for moss to invade.
But don’t worry, if you have a mossy lawn you can still resolve the problem. First you need to understand if there are any fundamental issues affecting the health of your lawn. The main ones to look out for are acidic soil, soil compaction, low fertility levels, excessive shade or shallow grass rooting.
Each of these issues can affect the health of your lawn, weakening it and making it vulnerable to moss infestation. The quickest and easiest way to quickly diagnose and repair any problems is to obtain a free lawn inspection by a qualified professional. Your local Lawnscience operator will be please to arrange to visit and inspect your lawn providing recommendations on how you can eradicate moss from your lawn. Just call your local office or our national free phone number 0800 389 2066 and leave the rest to us.