Spring feeding for your lawn

Now that spring is here at last it’s time to start thinking of giving your lawn its first feed of the year. Your lawn needs food, just like we do, and many of the nutrients it needs can be obtained from the soil, if it is in good condition. The problem we have with our grass is that as we cut it regularly, nutrients are constantly lost. This means if we want to have a healthy, lush lawn we need to keep it fed throughout the growing year.

A healthy lawn needs 14 nutrients to promote healthy growth, but the ones we supply are the key three, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium(K).

Nitrogen (N) is the most influential nutrient to the health of grass and it is also the one most readily used. One of its main roles is to form Chlorophyll, which is the green pigment that give our grass its green colour. Chlorophyll is also is a vital for photosynthesis, the process that turns the suns’ energy into more food for use by the plant.

Phosphorous (P) plays a main role in the storage and transportation of energy around the grass plant. It also improves the plants disease and drought tolerance.

Potassium(K) is used by many enzymes within the plant to do things like produce sugars and starches, essential for healthy plant growth. It also toughens the plants cell walls increasing drought resistance.

If you think your lawn could do with a spring feed just call your local Lawnscience office or our national free phone number 0800 389 2066 and leave the rest to us.