How to mow your lawn in spring

Once the weather starts to warm up a little its tempting to pop out and give your lawn its first serious cut of the year. But, if you can give it a little TLC at this early time of the year you will be rewarded later in the year with a fine, lush lawn.

First of all before you give your lawn its first cut, give it a stiff raking with a lawn rake, this process will remove any surface thatch, open up the surface of the lawn and vertically raise the grass ready for its first cut.

Spring is a really important time of year for your lawn, its when it awakes from winter dormancy and starts to grow deeper roots that will help it to withstand periods of drought later in the year. In order to create deeper roots it needs lots of sunshine, which it converts into food. This sunshine is absorbed through the grass leaves and the more leaf the more efficient the absorption. You can help this process by allowing your lawn to be a little longer in the early months of spring when the sunlight is restricted. Leaving it 2 inches after cutting will reward you later in the year.