Lawn treatments and Soil conditioners

If you want to give your lawn a boost in spring apply a soil conditioner to help improve the condition of the “root zone” where your lawns roots live.

Soil conditioners have the following benefits:-

Improvement in root growth

Independent tests have shown that grass treated with a soil conditioner produce an increase of 190% of dry root mass five weeks after treatment. Bigger roots mean healthier grass.

Reduction of organic pollutants in the soil

Psuedomonas putida, which is a soil bacterium capable of degrading organic solvents within the soil, has shown a 50% increase after the application of a soil conditioner. The healthier the root zone, the healthier are the roots.

Extensive increase in soil bacteria

Within your soil there are billions of beneficial soil bacteria. They place a critical role in making available to your grass roots important elements such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Iron to name a few. They also play a role is preventing fungal disease. The more beneficial soil bacteria in your soil the better the conditions for your grass roots to grow flourish resulting in a healthier lawn.

If you need any advice on getting the best out of your lawn this spring call your local Lawnscience office and arrange a free consultation.