Autumn Lawn Care

Autumn is the best time of year to really improve the quality of your lawn and this year, due to the warm late summer temperatures many lawns need a little TLC.

First place to start is with an Autumn scarification, this process removes “thatch”, decaying organic tissue, from the surface of your lawn. If thatch is not removed on a regular basis its build up reduces the penetration of water, air and nutrients into the root zone, resulting in unhealthy grass. Thatch is also the perfect breeding ground for fungi, which can cause fungal infections such as “red thread” and “fusarium”.

Scarification on its own is a great treatment for any lawn, whatever it’s condition. If you really want to add that special touch to your lawn and prepare it for a great spring in 2014, follow it up with an over-seed.

Over-seeding is the process of introducing new cultivars, or types of grass into your lawn. this has many advantage the main two being:

  • Thickening up the grass surface
  • Improving the quality of the grass by adding superior cultivars to the lawn.

Your LAWNSCIENCE technician can provide advice on the most appropriate seeding mix for your lawn.

If you would like any advice on how to look after your lawn this autumn or would like a quotation for scarification and/or over-seeding please contact your local LAWNSCIENCE office.