Christmas Gift Vouchers – The Perfect Gift

Life can be pretty hectic at times. From the moment we get up until we go to bed we just never seem to stop. Christmas is nearly upon us and we have even more things to do, like buying Christmas gifts for our family and friends. It can be a struggle sometimes can’t it?

Lawnscience can help as you can buy £10 lawn care Gift Vouchers. The perfect gift for any occasion.

Buying gift vouchers will solve your problems if struggling to think of what to buy, and it also gives back some time to your family or friends and they will definitely appreciate that. We have some great lawn care services, have a browse through our website, it is quick and easy to find out what services we offer.

Whether you buy gift vouchers for your family and friends or even for yourself, you can relax in the knowledge that their lawn care needs will be taken care of by a true lawn care professional.

Order before 18th December 2013 to make sure your gift is received in time for Christmas Day!

If you or somebody you know dream of relaxing in your garden in the warmer weather and want a lush green lawn, Lawnscience will help make that dream come true. We also have some great tips on what can be done for your lawn now so it can survive the harsh winter months ahead. So before you put your garden tools away for hibernation (have you seen our November Blog 10 Great Tips on how to prepare your lawn mower for storage over winter have a look at these valuable tips on what can be done to help you and your lawn be very happy come the spring time.

  • Remove leaves that are covering your lawn, if they remain there they will smother your lawn and weaken the grass, and it also provides the ideal winter shelter for unwelcome garden pests
  • Avoid walking on your lawn if it is covered in frost or snow covered, as this can damage the turf underneath and will leave unsightly marks on your lawn. It also encourages the growth of fungal diseases which thrive in the cool conditions
  • Mulch your lawn – Your lawn needs to be strong to survive the winter so a nutrient heavy mulch is ideal. Mulching is also great for preventing weeds
  • Weeds prepare themselves for winter by storing food in their roots. You can dig or pull the weeds out of the ground or use a weed control solution – Lawn Fertilisation & Weed Control

Happy shopping everyone!