Do right by your Lawn this Spring time – the first cut is not always the deepest

If the shops can put Easter Eggs on the shelves in January, then we can talk to you about getting your Lawn mower ready for it’s first Spring time cut!

Spring is a really important time of year for your Lawn. This is the time it awakes from winter dormancy and starts to grow deeper roots that will help it to withstand periods of drought later in the year. It is not too early to think about that first cut of your long-term lawn care plans. Your lawn will thank you if you leave it about 2 inches long after cutting. You just need to adjust your mower blades to help with this. Check your manufacturer’s recommendations for adjusting your mower blades.

You may have read our November blog 10 Great Tips on how to prepare your lawn mower for storage over winter If you followed these tips then your lawn mower should be in great shape now and it will make it all the easier for you to get it out of the shed ready to use when needed. Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to follow our tips about storing your equipment as we have some more great maintenance tips here:

First of all before you give your lawn it’s first cut, give it a good stiff raking with a lawn rake, this will help remove any surface thatch and help prepare the surface of the lawn for cutting

  • Mower Cleaning – This is a good place to start and if you didn’t take the time to clean your mower before storing it, you will most likely find dirt, oil and even grass stuck in various places. Make sure you check underneath the mower as well. Brush away any grass or dirt and then all you need is some soapy water to wash it off and give it a good clean. Your manufacturer may recommend waxing the mower which will prevent any grass from sticking to the equipment and also makes it easier for any future cleaning and mowing
  • Check your mower blades – do they need replacing? If there are any dents or bends on the blades then they will need to be replaced, and we advise you check your manufacturer’s recommendations for this and other maintenance care. If they are looking good then you will just need to give them a good sharpening. We cannot emphasise enough how important it us to sharpen your mower blades. If they are not sharp the blade will not cut the grass leaf it will rip it instead and this will cause the ends of the grass leaf to turn brown and nobody wants a brown lawn. Not only will it turn brown but the leaf is now susceptible to fungal infection…See the picture above…..Nasty!
  • Lubrication – A proper lubrication will ensure your equipment works better and lasts much longer. Oiling of the wheel bearings and other moving parts is also recommended

If you follow the above tips your equipment really will work far better and your lawn will certainly appreciate it. If you do it yourself it will take minimal effort and cost. If you prefer to have somebody else do it for you there are some very good Lawn mower experts. Take some time to look at the services they provide and get a couple of quotes.

Don’t worry if you are still not sure how to get that lush green lawn you dream of. Just give us a call and we will help you with all your lawn care questions.