Give your Lawn a boost with a Soil Conditioner this Spring

If you want to give your lawn a well deserved boost this Spring you can apply a soil conditioner which will help to improve the condition of the “root zone” where your lawns roots live.

This year lawns have been extensively waterlogged as a result of the exceptionally wet winter weather. When soil is consistently wet for prolonged periods the oxygen is driven out of the Root Zone (the top 8 – 12 inches of your soil), reducing the beneficial microbial population. Not good news for your grass roots!

A natural food, a soil conditioner will re-invigorate the microbial population living in your lawn’s root zone. This will lead to stronger roots and a more healthy and resilient lawn.

Now for the science bit….

• After a lawn is treated with a soil conditioner it produces 190% of dry root mass just five weeks after the treatment. Bigger is definitely better!
• Pseudomonas putida is a soil bacteria which is capable of degrading organic solvents within the soil and has shown a 50% increase after soil conditioner has been applied. Healthy Root zone, healthy roots!
• There are billions of beneficial soil bacteria which are critical in making important elements such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Iron in your grass roots. They will also help prevent fungal disease.
Feed your lawn well and it will flourish resulting in a healthier, lush green lawn.

To find out more tips on how to look after your lawn go to lawn tips or just give us a call and we will help you with all your lawn care issues.