Got an uninvited pest in your garden?

Due to popular demand we now offer A BRAND NEW SERVICE FOR YOU……… WASP, ANT & MOLE CONTROL. You can feel confident knowing that our Technicians are fully trained and have the knowledge and experience to deal with uninvited Wasps, Ants and Moles in your garden.

We provide our Customers with a Healthy, Pest-Free Outdoor Environment. We have Professional Pest Control Technicians in your area who will deal with your Wasp, Ant & Mole issues. Your lawn and house will soon be free of these nuisance pests.

We value your time

If you are like most people, you simply don’t have time to deal with pest issues but you need to protect your family and home. We understand. That is why Lawnscience Pest Control provides you with flexible arrangement options.

Wasp stings not only hurt, but they can produce an Anaphylactic Shock to some people and in some extreme cases can be life threatening. Lawnscience can help make your garden safe again.

Ants are a problem for your lawn. Even though they don’t eat grass, their very existence destroys it by disrupting nutrient absorption and protecting other insects that do eat grass. If you have an infestation of ants, Lawnscience Technicians will solve your ant problem and protect your grass.

Britain’s gardeners have endured months of torrential rain turning lawns into waterlogged fields. The weather has also brought another nightmare a plague of moles. Are you seeing mountain ranges appearing in your lawns?

Lawnscience provides a friendly, professional lawn care service for people just like you. People who care about the look of their lawns, and all at a cost that is often far less than those expensive, and often ineffective, DIY products. We will bring back to life lawns that have been neglected and help get the lush green lawn you dream of.

You can feel confident that a Lawnscience Technician will attend after your call and apply a treatment within 12 hours – Guaranteed. If we miss this timeframe we will apply 10% reduction on the treatment cost. We will also check that your lawn is in good shape and inform you about any issues and discuss the solution.

If you have any questions about WASP, ANT OR MOLE control in your garden You can Call us on 01908 504664 (Lines open 24/7) or Email at t@lawnscience.co.uk and we will visit your home at a convenient time.


Terence Nicholson

P.S. Call us now and be safe in the knowledge we offer a 100% Guarantee!