How to Pick the Best Lawn Care Company for YOU!

Everyone claims they are the best, and we are sure they truly think they are indeed the best. However, as a potential customer it can be difficult and rather daunting to filter through all of the marketing jargon, offers, and claims to find the best lawn care company for YOU. We think we are the best, and writing this it is proving really tough to remain unbiased. We love our company and the great lawn care technicians that service the thousands of UK lawns we make healthy, green and lush on a regular basis. So why should you choose us over many other lawn care companies? Well, we are going to attempt to provide you with some ideas on what you should be thinking and asking before you hand over your money to the Lawn Care company who will be taking care of your lawn. We know we have competitors and no doubt you will be talking to them at some point. We feel the following points and questions are a great guideline for you when you are searching for the best lawn care company for YOU.

1. Quality Consultation

A great, quality and free consultation is very important. This is where the lawn care company should check the condition of your lawn, evaluating the PH levels and compaction levels of your lawn. A quick check just isn’t good enough. They need to get down and dirty! You should expect either a face to face conversation or details sent to you explaining what was checked.

2. How much time your Technician spends on your lawn?

Some lawn care companies pay their technicians on a job/finish basis and are expected to cover 25 – 30 treatments a day! These companies may not tell you how their technicians are paid and you should be wary of companies that offer, usually unachievable, incentives for the amount of work done by their technicians each day. This usually results in a technician attending your lawn and being under great pressure leaving less time to spend on your lawn. Your lawn is special to you, and you want it to be special to anyone who works on it. So, a good question to ask is how any treatments do they do in a day and if they have to spend more time on your lawn will they need to stop in the middle of a treatment and reschedule just so they can reach their target for the day.

3. Do you get a lawn review every time you get a visit by a lawn care technician?

Mother Nature can be very changeable, weather conditions change and can impact your lawn’s health and condition throughout the year. Snow in April, who would have thought it? Don’t accept just one review a year, your technician should provide a review of your lawn and it’s condition every time he or she visits.

4. Do I get the same lawn care technician each time?

In order to receive consistent lawn care you should have the same technician each time you are due for a visit. In an ideal world this would happen 100% of the time. However, this may not always be the case. You should be informed of any changes and if you have already developed a strong trusting relationship with your technician a one off change should not be a problem, as they will have kept your records and added comments to provide a good handover if necessary. Remember it is down to you, if you would rather wait for your regular technician to visit after a for example, just let your lawn care company know.

5. Is the work guaranteed?

Does your potential lawn care company offer a guarantee? Lawn care companies often have to deal with the changes of nature and difficult conditions which affect your lawn. You should still feel confident knowing you can rely on a 100% guarantee. Always check the small print!

6. Reputation

It is really important to check your lawn care provider’s reputation. You want to feel confident knowing that you have a reputable company visiting you and your lawn. The easy way to do this is put the company name in Google and the word ‘complaint’ or ‘reviews’ next to it. This way you can read up on other’s peoples experiences with the company you are looking into and you may want to make your decision to pursue a relationship with them based on this. A referral from a friend or relative is a great way to get feedback on a company too – you should receive open honest feedback this way too!