We are in for a hot spell! Great news? Well it can be for the majority of us but not so much for proud garden lawn owners.

The majority of us do enjoy long hot summers, but the lack of rainfall and watering means your lawn will suffer from drought stress. If your lawn looks a shade of bluish grey…….which will eventually turn brown and when you walk over it your footprints flatten the grass and remain there rather than springing back into shape…………..then it may be affected by drought or even ‘Dry Patch’.

’Dry Patch’ is a disease which turns the soil hydrophobic and makes it actually repel moisture

Regular watering is great for your lawn during dry weather, but not everybody has the time and effort to know when and when not to water.

Don’t worry as there are ways to keep your lawn lush, green and healthy and your water bill won’t go through the roof either.

A Water Conserver Treatment is a clever blend of long and short-term wetting and spreading agents which break down the waxy coating that surrounds the individual soil particles. This will allow available water to penetrate the soil much more efficiently and improves areas previously affected by drought and ‘Dry Patch’.

Once the Water Conserver has been applied it will help the soil to retain any available moisture during hot spells and will help the lawn be more resistant to drought.

Call your local Lawnscience Technician for advice on how we can help get your lawn looking lush green and healthy and most important help keep it that way all year round!