How to pick the best lawn care company for YOU!

Let’s face it…….nobody claims to be mediocre. Everybody will claim they are the best. Because of this choosing a lawn care company that is right for you can be difficult and rather daunting, especially when you are filtering through all of the marketing jargon, claims and offers they provide, not forgetting finding a lawn care company that is right for your budget.

We love lawn care and our company has great lawn care professionals that provide a quality service to thousands of lawns across the UK. We will have plenty of great things to say about why you should pick us over the competition. So, why should you choose us over the competition? Not sure what questions to ask? Would some unbiased criteria help? If so, then we will attempt to provide you with some information which will help you choose the right lawn care company for you.

So, before you make that all important decision, here are some questions that you should be asking and some guidelines for when you are looking to hire the best lawn care company for YOU!

1. What kind of reputation does the company have that I am looking at?


It is really important to check your lawn care company’s reputation. You want to feel confident knowing that you have a reputable company visiting you and your lawn. Find out if anyone you know has heard of or used the company you are thinking about using. After all a referral from a friend or relative is a great way to get an honest and open opinion. Look at some company reviews on Google, or other review sites. No one is perfect, and you may well see that occasionally people aren’t satisfied. What is important is how the company responds to an unsatisfied customer or review and how they address poor feedback.

2. Quality Consultation


A free, quality and honest consultation is very important. Lawn types and conditions will vary across the country. It is important that a lawn care company checks the condition of your lawn, evaluating the PH levels and compaction levels of your lawn. A quick check just isn’t good enough. They need to get down and dirty! After the lawn care professional has carried out a consultation you should expect either a face to face conversation or details sent to you explaining what was checked. If you don’t understand what has been provided to you, make sure you ask them to explain until you do!

3. What type of lawn care products do they use and are the lawn care professionals trained and qualified to handle specific products?


There are many lawn care products available to the professional lawn care market, but there is no “Silver Bullet”, no one fertilizer or herbicide which will suit all seasons or weed issues. So its important to understand how your lawn care professional will vary and adapt their treatment plan to the varying conditions, seasons and weather patterns. Be careful of the companies that offer one solution, it will never be correct all of the time. Also be wary of lawn care companies who offer to treat your lawn without even first seeing it. They do this just to save on cost, if they cannot be bothered to invest the time in understanding your lawn at the start its a sure sign that they will not invest the time and effort on a regular basis.

4. How do I know how much time a lawn care professional will spend on my lawn?


There are a variety of lawn care treatments that your lawn may need throughout the year. A quality lawn care professional will explain what you should expect from any treatment necessary and approximately how long it will take to apply. You may not always be around when your lawn care professional attends your lawn and you want to feel confident and safe in the knowledge that they are doing a thorough job so your lawn gets the results you want. Some lawn care companies pay their professionals on a job and finish basis and are expected to cover 25 – 30 treatments a day!

You should be wary of companies that offer, usually unachievable incentives for the amount of work done by their professionals each day. This usually results in a lawn care professional attending your lawn and being under great pressure leaving less time to spend on your lawn perhaps doing an incomplete job. Your lawn is special to you, and you want it to be special to anyone who works on it. So, a good question to ask is how many treatments do they do in a day and if they have to spend more time on your lawn will they need to stop in the middle of a treatment and reschedule just so they can reach their target for the day.

5. Do you get a lawn review every time you get a visit by a lawn care professional?


Our weather conditions can be very changeable and can impact your lawn’s health and condition throughout the year. Snow in April, who would have thought it? Don’t accept just one review a year, the ideal lawn care professional should provide at least four reviews of your lawn throughout the year to coincide with the treatment plan you have agreed to…… and communicate it to you so you fully understand it.

6. Is the work guaranteed?


Lawn care companies often have to deal with difficult weather conditions which affect your lawn. You should still feel confident knowing you can rely on a 100% guarantee of the work carried out. Always check the small print and if you are not sure then simply ask the question.


We love lawn care and making lawns lush green and healthy across the country. Our great lawn care professionals do as well. We want you and your lawn to have a great experience and to receive the best lawn care possible. We would like to invite you to contact us and see how we can be the ideal lawn care company for you and your lawn. We offer a FREE, no obligation On-Site Survey of your lawn and our work is guaranteed.