Why is my new home’s lawn so awful?

Buying a new home is an exciting time and there are many options for you to think about when purchasing your new home, so you can make it individual to you. However, one of the most over-looked items for new homeowners is the how their new lawn will look. Having a quality lawn is not something that will happen automatically and many new home owners are frustrated for years with the quality of their lawn.

The reasons for this are due to:


Poor Soil Conditions: We know that in order to get a beautiful lush green and healthy lawn you need a decent amount of topsoil – at least 7” – 12”. It has to be well drained, not compacted, moist and rich in organic matter. However, on some building developments the quality top soil is removed prior to the house construction and never replaced before the turf is laid. Also the soil that is on the site quite often becomes compacted due to heavy construction equipment driving around the building area. This will not create the ideal environment for growing a beautiful, lush green and healthy lawn.

Poor Quality Soil Preparation: Some builders tend to cost cut when it comes to the application of the turf or seed. Quite often this cost saving is made by cutting back on the preparation of the soil, prior to the laying of a quality turf or sowing of seed. The initial impact can be quite appealing to the eye, but over time the lack of effort in soil preparation starts to show and the quality of the lawn can reduce dramatically.

Poor Timing for Seeding: If the grass seeding has been done during the Summer months or late in the Autumn or Winter, your new lawn will have very little chance of developing into a green and healthy lawn. Getting the timing right is very important. Ideally seeding should be carried out in the Spring time or early Autumn. If the grass has plenty of moisture and temperatures above 5-8 degrees, you will see good seed germination.

Poor After Care: We all like things to be perfect pretty instantly these days, but when it comes to growing a lush green and healthy lawn it is just not realistic to think that if a bare patch of ground is seeded you will achieve this in just a couple of months. Realistically it will take a year or two to get your lawn looking in good shape. Your lawn will need after care, such as regular fertilisation and aeration. To get good strong grass root growth takes time. This is essential if the roots are to find moisture in a period of drought. A new lawn requires more watering than an established one. If you neglect this important part of lawn care you risk starting all over again and can be an expensive project. Part of the after care for your lawn will benefit from a good lawn care treatment programme. This will ensure you can deal with any issues such as weeds, lawn diseases and pest infestation.

If you are looking at your new lawn and it is not looking as you hoped it would, don’t worry, all hope is not lost. Our lawn care professionals love lawn care and we can provide a solution for you and your lawn. In most cases it won’t mean you have to start from scratch. It may be as simple as starting a lawn care treatment programme, Over-seeding, Top Dressing and Aeration can help your lawn to develop into one that you will be proud of.

Although it may take a little patience on your behalf, we can help take away the effort and hassle. Don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our lawn care professionals will discuss the many lawn care options to get your new lawn into shape.