Some weeds just keep showing up where they are not wanted. Have you been trying to kill weeds in your lawn only to see them creeping back up again? Frustrating isn’t it? As lawn care professionals we definitely understand that some weeds are not so easy to get rid of than others and they require more effort and sometimes a Specialist is needed.

Killing weeds in your lawn is not quite as easy as spraying an herbicide and hoping for the best. To keep weeds out of your lawn needs to start with the health of your grass roots. A good lawn care programme which deals with soil condition, fertilisation, lawn disease and insect problems will get your lawn looking lush green, healthy and very importantly WEED FREE.

At Lawnscience we do all of this and more.


We see a wide variety of lawn weeds and we know how much of a nuisance they can be for garden owners. Over the years Lawn Weeds have developed a number of natural strategies enabling them to resist control within your lawn’s environment.

Greater Plintain weed in lawnCertain weeds, such as the Greater Plantain (Plantago major), keep their leaves close to the ground in order that they can survive regular close mowing.





Lawn Weed YarrowOther varieties, such as Yarrow (Achilliea millefolium), have developed underground runners that allow the plant to spread quickly.




Another common creeping broadleaf weed we find in lawns:

Creeping Thistle (Cirsium arvense)

A common weed and a real problem for your lawn. Especially problematic in freshly seeded lawns and those that have creeping thistle weed in lawnexisting bare patches. Its spiky leaves make it very uncomfortable to walk or sit on your garden lawn.




No matter what type of weed creeps up in your lawn, the way to get rid of them is more or less the same. Weeds may take repeated applications of different kinds of weed control throughout the year. Each application will help to weaken plants and knock them back a little each time. The milder weather is ideal for applying weed killer.

A good lawn care company will know the best products available and will apply them at the right time of the year to be most effective. The products a professional lawn care company use are not readily available at your local DIY store or Garden Centre. Our lawn care professionals are fully trained to safely apply herbicides and will know when to apply them.

Once weeds have been killed off in your lawn it may not look as lush green and healthy as you would like it. Your lawn care company will take care of these issues and advise you of the best solutions available, such as over-seeding.

If you are not sure how to tackle Weeds or they are becoming overwhelming for you and your lawn…….let us know. We love lawn care and our fully trained professionals will visit you and your lawn providing a FREE On-Site lawn review service. Don’t hesitate contact us now.